Tomato juice without preservatives

This year we made a delicious tomato juice without any preservatives. We are a family that frequently uses tomato juice in our cooking, especially in pizzas, pastas, roasts, or soups. When it comes to tomato juice, we try to use tomatoes grown in the countryside, as natural as possible. We recommend you do the same and try to source quality tomatoes.

Here you can find a delicious recipe for tomato soup with carrots and rice made with this tomato juice.

Let’s see together what this recipe entails!

Tomato sauce

Tomato juice without preservatives

Tomato juice made without preservatives using fresh, countryside-grown tomatoes. After juicing and boiling the tomatoes with salt, sugar, and herbs, the hot juice is poured into sterilized jars and left to cool upside down for 24 hours before labeling and storing. Enjoy this flavorful and natural tomato juice in various dishes for a delicious and comforting addition to your meals.
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Prep Time 2 hours
Cook Time 3 hours
Total Time 5 hours
Course Drinks
Servings 20
Difficulty Challenging


large pot
1 large pot
wooden spoon
1 wooden spoon
Empty jar
10 jar



  • We thoroughly wash the tomatoes and cut them in half (or quarters, depending on their size). We remove the white part from the inside. To make the juice, we used a manual tomato juicer that attaches to the meat grinder. In stores, you can find other more sophisticated and efficient equipment. It depends on each one's budget.
  • After juicing the tomatoes and separating the juice from the seeds and other residues, we put it in a large pot to boil. We recommend using a pot with a larger diameter, as it helps water to evaporate more easily. We let the juice boil (over medium to low heat) until it reaches the desired consistency. Towards the end, we add salt and sugar (or honey). We let it simmer for a few more minutes (until the salt and sugar dissolve), then we can turn off the heat. We thoroughly wash basil leaves (rosemary, oregano, or parsley), chop them finely, and add them to the pot along with two teaspoons of pepper. We mix well and then start preparing the jars for the tomato juice.
  • We take each jar and place it on a wooden surface. Between the jar and the wooden surface, we place something metallic to prevent the jar from breaking when it comes into contact with the hot juice. We use butter knives because they have a wide blade, placing them in an X shape under each jar. We pour the tomato juice into the jars immediately after taking it off the heat, while it's still very hot, then we put the lid on and tighten it very well. We repeat this process with all the tomato juice.
  • We wrap the jars tightly in thick blankets to let them cool gradually. Attention! The jars are placed upside down to sterilize. We leave them wrapped for at least 24 hours without touching them at all. After more than a day has passed, the jars can be labeled and stored in the pantry. We wish you a hearty appetite and a warm winter with delicious meals!


Instead of basil leaves, you can also use parsley greens or other spices you like better. We love Mediterranean food, so you will see in our recipes that we use many herbs from that area.
Tomato sauce
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