Tuna pasta with onion

It often happens to us to be in a rush or have unexpected guests and not have something ready to serve them. Well, in such situations, we can quickly solve the problem with this tuna and onion spread. The recipe is super simple; all that matters is that both the tuna and the butter are of quality, so we can hardly go wrong. I recommend butter with at least 80% fat content. As for the tuna, it depends on preferences. Generally, the more expensive, the better (at least theoretically). Anyway, it should be in oil, not in its own juice. Believe me, it’s a delicious spread! I assure you that guests will be delighted and will ask for the recipe. As a tip, I suggest serving this recipe with toasted bread.

Tuna pasta with onion

Tuna pasta with onion

Searching for a spread that’s ridiculously delicious and still easy to make? Look no further!
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 4
Difficulty Easy



  • The onion is peeled and washed well, then chopped very finely.
  • We drain the canned tuna from oil. Optionally, we can leave a little oil to make the paste more easily spreadable.
    In a bowl, we put the butter and the tuna and start mixing very well. It's good for the butter to be taken out of the refrigerator some time beforehand if possible to make the work easier. We mix well until a dense, spreadable paste forms.
  • Finally, we add the onion and ground black pepper. Serve with toasted bread or salted crackers. Enjoy your meal!


Tuna in oil is higher in bone-healthy vitamin D and selenium, which helps your body fight infections. 🙂
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